Sunday, December 29, 2013

Game Write-Up: Marvel Heroic - And To All a Good Night

So! A while back, I ran a game of Marvel Heroic called Greenspace. This Xmas break, +Michelle's boys were in town, and we normally play Deadlands, but we just had one night to game, so we opted for some super-heroics.

We had four heroes:

  • Pink, the super-strong, bouncy, perky, hero from the first story, still in the "closet" to her family (played by Michelle). 
  • Harmony, a veteran hero and trainer of young supers. Owns a nightclub called The Rabbit Hole, and starting to feel her age. She can absorb light and sound and blast it back at enemies. Played by +Sarah
  • Lightning, a teenager whose parents gave him up for adoption. He bounced from foster home to foster home, too energetic and hyper and difficult to manage...and then he manifested his super powers (flight and superspeed). He hooked up with Rookie, and has been crashing at his mansion. 
  • Rookie, a rich idealistic teen who trained himself to physical near-perfection and invented various crime-fighting gadgets. 
The game opens on Xmas Eve, with a big lights display in St. Louis by the Arch (I have no idea if they do that, but they should). Rookie and Lightning are in Rookie's limo, cruising the area. Pink is down by the arch with her family, and Harmony is getting ready to open her club...and then they all hear gunfire. 

Racing to the scene, they see a woman standing in front of the big Xmas tree, dressed in pink and red and white stripes, holding two unpleasant-looking firearms. She's already blown away the transformer powering the tree lights. Harmony recognizes her as Candy Caine, a rich heiress with a split personality - in her "Innocence" guise, she's nearly invulnerable and deadly. But Harmony notices she's not shooting people, just firing above them. 

Lighting, easily the fastest, swoops in and slams into Candy...and bounces right off. She fires at him, but misses, but the shots panic the crowd (I put her effect die into the doom pool). Pink slips away from her family, yelling that she'll call 911, and changes in an alley. She picks up a big lights display with plexiglass sides, and uses it to create some cover. Rookie arrives and sneaks up on Candy using his wall-crawling static gloves. 

Harmony fires a sonic blast at Candy, trying to disorient her. Candy drops her guns and jumps at Harmony, but misses. Lightning tries again, but can't penetrate Candy's invulnerability power, but Harmony controls light, blinding Candy. Rookie rushes in and wangs her with an electrified iron rod, and Harmony screws with sound around her to stress her out mentally. This ends the scene. 

Candy "wakes up," and sighs in exasperation, and asks for her lawyer (this has happened before...but again, no one died). Pink trades information with Harmony, and runs off to find her family. Harmony asks Candy what she remembers, and Candy says she was at a party at the Ritz, when the nutcracker figures in the corners started moving...and that's all she remembers. 

The characters note that similar figures are here at the display, so after the police come and take Candy away, the three of them check them out. They are surprised to discover that the figures are robots, and upon the poking and prodding, they start moving, raising their rifles and sparking with lightning. In the distance, the characters see a bloom of light and energy...about the right height to be the roof of the Ritz. Lightning, ever impulsive, zooms off, and the robots ignite boot-rockets and follow. Rookie hits one with a grapple and follows, and Harmony grabs him around the waist. 

Meanwhile, Pink has rejoined her family and made excuses for rushing off ("You realize everyone has a cell phone, right, Jolisa?"). And then she sees the burst of light as they're approaching the Ritz, and asks if perhaps they could get dinner in the rooftop restaurant? ("Probably too expensive." "Well, let's just look at the menu.")

They ride up the elevator. But again, Lightning is fast. He smashes through the window and finds that the diners - the richest folks in St. Louis - are gathered up in a circle and bordered by more of those robots. He smashes into one and knocks it against the wall, destroying it. He tries it again on another, but misses, gaining some emotional stress (embarrassed). 

Pink arrives and slips out, leaving her father in the elevator. She rushes and destroys one, just as the others arrive with Harmony and Rookie in tow. Harmony tries to use her sonic blast, but it doesn't seem to help. Rookie uses his various gadgets and Pink upends the buffet table to propel herself at two of them, but then starts to crash (activating her Limit). They destroy the remaining robots. 

The elevators finally let Pink's father out, and, not being a complete idiot, he recognizes her. He's a little shocked, but admits it makes sense. He agrees to help her "come out" to her mother, but she still has work to do tonight. 

Lightning, embarrassed by what happened, zips away to the roof. Harmony looks over the wreckage, and Pink contacts Duplex (another techie hero; you can meet him in the link to the first game). She sends him photos, and he says that they're magitech - much like their mutual friend Arcanix is made of (he's off-planet at the moment). Rookie leaves and goes to his workshop, hoping to work up something to protect the heroes, but is out of Plot Points.

Meanwhile, Harmony finds that someone here took cell phone video of what happened when all this started. There was an immense man-like creature with iron claws, roaring about how tonight would be "judgement" - and he also said he'd be returning. Duplex, when Pink sent him the video, said he looked like the Krampus, the horrible German "Santa Claus" who carries a bag of whips and carries naughty children to Hell. 

The heroes set up, gaining a "Ready" resource to use. And sure enough, the Krampus arrives. 

He comes riding a rocket-powered sleigh, and is clearly a man in an immense powered suit. He fires his guns at the heroes, and destroys Rookie's limo (Rookie and his driver are thrown clear). Lightning jumps off the roof and attacks, but bounces off the dude's armor (Will was having trouble understanding that he had other options than "punch the villain", and in fact when I can spend a d6 from the doom pool to ignore physical attacks, he should use those options). Rookie attached a grapple to the sleigh, and Lightning flew up as high as he could, zooming down trying to down the sleigh. But the Krampus dodged, and Lightning slammed into Rookie, pushing them both downwards. 

Pink jumped onto the sleigh, damaging it, and the Krampus jumped off and dug his claws into the side of the roof. Harmony hits him with sonics, confusing him and doing some mental stress, and Rookie calls his attention to the fact that he's injured an innocent man. This gives the man pause, and he points at Rookie, telling him to make sure the man is given care - the Krampus is done for this Xmas. He jumps off the building and flies away using rockets in his armor, calling out a warning - or a farewell - in German.