Saturday, December 14, 2013

Game Prep: Night's Black Agents

Running Night's Black Agents later today, so probably I should take some notes.
So, according to the last notes I took, Frank Jones (Smith's ex-spook contact) went looking into Ivana Zisek's disappearance and got turned himself. This means that the Conspiracy has two contacts of the agents in Sarajevo. Ivana for sure doesn't know where they are, but Jones might know they're at least in Germany.

The characters had been planning on taking down Renate Bauer. I think if they establish surveillance on her, they'll be able to see that she takes a call from someone speaking Serbian (if the characters can listen in on that call, they can hear it; if they can get the phone, they can trace it back to the warehouse on the docks in Belgrade). The caller tells her "watch your back, they might be in Germany." Renate immediately finds two tourists, lures them back to her home, and kills them both to turn into vampires.

Renate's home is much more secure than Macan's. Her windows are shielded from outside microphones, and she her wireless is protected (requires Digital Intrusion difficulty 9 to hack). Doors require Infiltration and Digital Intrusion checks to get in; windows only require Infiltration but are harder to get to). She has a floor safe under bed; moving the bed requires two people (she can do it herself). The safe contains financial data for Mike Nadel's convention coordination, the IFEA, the Tesla Museum in Belgrade, Belgrade Hospital, Budapest Prison, Radovan Macan, and Hy-Klass. All of the passwords and data for Hy-Klass and Macan have already been changed, but she hasn't gotten around to changing the rest of it yet (she will if the Heat rises, but she makes vampires first).

Bauer goes armed with a pistol, and has automatic weapons in her home. She isn't afraid to attack using supernatural means, and if the characters tip their hands at all, she goes on the hunt for them, starting at the airport.

I think we're good, then. Oh, I should see if anyone else got turned. Let's try for Father Michel. Eep. Yep, they got him. Let's say he's dead, rather than turned; I figure he saw them coming, ran, and the vampires caught up and killed him.