Monday, December 23, 2013

Board Game: Tsuro

We always do some board gaming at the Holiday Party, so here we go!

The Game: Tsuro
The Publisher: Calliope Games
Time: 20 minutes, if that
Players: Me, +Cheyenne Rae Grimes+John Mathys+Stentor Danielson, Jeff, +Ray Tomlin, Kathy

Game Play: Tsuro is a pleasantly simple tile-based game. You've got these little pebble-like markers, and on your turn you lay down a tile with a bunch of squiggly paths. When you set down a tile, you follow your current path all the way to the end; if that takes you off the board, you're out. Last man standing wins.

Everyone pretty much starts out in their own little spaces...

...but that changes.

If someone else is on the same tile as you or positioned such that your tile would add to their track, they advance, too. If you collide, you're both out. As such, you need to be careful how close to other people you get, because they will send you out if they can.

Opinions: This game has a lot to recommend it. It's really simple, it's fast (games really take closer to 15 minutes), and it takes up to 8 people but works just fine with 2 or 3. It's also really pretty.

And so is Ray!
Keep? Yep.