Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Board Game: Sentinels of the Multiverse

We were gonna play Marvel Heroic the other night, but I needed more prep time, so keeping with the theme, we played this instead.

The Game: Sentinels of the Multiverse
The Publisher: Greater Than Games
Time: An hour or so
Players: Me, Will, Al, +Michelle Lyons-McFarland+Sarah Dyer

Sentinels of the Multiverse is a deck-based game in which the players (all with their own hero) face off against a common villain. In our case, I played the Wraith (not the Wraith), Sarah played Nightmist, Michelle played the Scholar, Will played Omnitron X, and Al played Chrono-Ranger. We faced off against Miss Information, because Sarah thought she looked cool, in the Silver Gulch.

First thing: split out all the decks, since we hadn't played this.
Game Play: The game progresses fairly simply. Everyone has hit points, heroes and villains. Villains go first, and they tend to have their own special set-ups and parameters. Then each hero takes their turn, followed by the environment.

Early in the game, not much going on.
Everyone can put out standing effects, and you need to check whether you've got things that happen at the start or end of a turn. Fortunately we have these neat tiles to put under a card if it's got such an effect, as well as things like "+1 damage dealt" or "-1 damage suffered," and so on.

A-like so. 
The heroes win when they beat the villain, the villain wins when all the heroes die, I guess? It didn't come up because we kicked her ass.

See, she's terrified. 
Opinions: Like a lot of games with a lot of moving parts, you'll have some situations where the rules seem to contradict or raise questions, but it's usually pretty easy to figure out. And, there are active forums on the company's site, so that generally helps. Beyond that, the game seems like a lot of fun and the flavor text on the cards is always fun to read.

Keep? Yep.