Sunday, December 15, 2013

Board Game: Kill the Overlord

Yes, I know, it's a card game, not a board game. You'll never get anywhere with that attitude, mister.

The Game: Kill the Overlord
The Publisher: APE Games
Time: 30-45 minutes, depending on how many players
Players: Me, +Michelle Lyons-McFarland+Lori Karpinecz+glen gilmore+John Mathys+Matthew Karafa

Game Play: Kill the Overlord is basically an elaborate game of hot potato. You've got X roles, one of which is always the Overlord, and the rest all have various titles (Knight, Squire, Peasant, Captain, and then there are more that I believe were exclusive to the Kickstarter; I was a backer). The Overlord gives the execution order to someone, and they play a card to pass it elsewhere. If you can't pass it, you're executed and out of the round. If the Overlord is executed, the round ends; if everyone but the Overlord is executed, the game is over and the Overlord wins (I have never seen this happen). After a round ends, roles are reconfigured based on the highest rank still alive and who died in what order.

Playing this game on a table the size of mine requires a deft hand throwing cards.

You also have gold to keep track of; every round you get an income, and certain cards let you take gold from the Treasury or other players. If you begin the round as the Overlord and with 30 gold, you win! (Which is the only way I've ever seen anyone claim victory.)

Opinions: I like this game, and I'm glad I backed it because the extra cards are fun. I really love the artwork; if you go to the Kickstarter page, you can see it. Each of the role cards has a male and female version on either side, which is kinda cool.

The game can go on a bit long with more players, but I find that just about the time you start to think it's getting too long, people tend to have enough gold to be able to win. I have yet to find a workable strategy for the game; mostly I just try and stay alive the longest, but there's definitely an art to knowing when to die (and several cards that allow it). It's a fun, light, party game, and can be played while drinking as long as someone is sober enough to suss out who gets what role at the end of a round.

Keep? Yep.