Thursday, November 14, 2013

Yarr, pirates

Been a crazy week! The Demon Kickstarter is going like fucking gangbusters, and I haven't had time in the evenings to do game write-ups or anything!

So here we are.

Last time, we were on the ship, heading to Isabella, but ran afoul of no wind and then no water (to drink). The Seahawk pulled up near us, but our genius doctor hid the people with prices on their heads and then whipped up some plague-makeup. The Brits gave us water, but did not set fire to our ship (because Georgina made sure to tell them we didn't have smallpox).

And then we found our wind again, and put in to Costa de la Hacha to resupply!

We left Francois on the ship, and Blaine, Georgina, Morgan and Maddie went ashore to buy stuff (Francois later came ashore anyway because HE DO WHAT HE WAAANT). We were shopping, and soldiers approached Maddie and demanded she come with them - apparently she stole a ring from the local Baron's cousin. We intervened, Blaine disarming a soldier and Morgan whacking one over the head with a sap, and the captain surrendered before we beat his goons all to hell. Blaine and Maddie went before the Baron, who said he could make this problem go away if we brought him the Golden Helmet - which was, supposedly, in the city we were going to.

Blaine agreed, because what choice did we really have? But we'll see if he keeps that promise (he has the Heroic Hindrance, not Code of Honor).

Back on the boat, and back on the ocean, we sailed to Isabella, and from there into a channel and BOOM, there before us were the Cliffs of Blood.

We anchored the ship, and split into two lifeboats. Rowing there, Georgina noticed one of the crewmen bleeding from the nose and ears. Actually, it turned out that the stuff coming from his ears wasn't blood, but earwax tinged with blood, which was weird. We set up camp and the crew was muttering about a curse, so Blaine got some hard tack from Maddie, put it in a little sack, borrowed some indigo dye from Francois (he'd used it to dye a sacrificial goat; that dude's weird, what can I say) and had the crew take Communion, claiming he'd had the crackers blessed by the bishop while meeting with the Baron. It's bullshit, of course, but Blaine's about the morale, anyway.

And then sleep. Next time - into the island!