Sunday, November 17, 2013

Promethean notes

I took some notes a couple of weeks ago, but I needed info from the players, which I now have, so here we are. I need to figure out the angel and its mission here. I should probably also think about the ongoing chronicle a cit.

So, obviously losing Skip is potentially an issue, but he's going to be coming back once his player gets his schedule sorted out. So that's fine. For this particular story, I think I want the angel to be one of the Lilim. The angel in question appears as a pack of wolves; its consciousness is contained in all of them, and they act in concert. They lurk around the periphery of the resort, waiting for their victim to arrive.

The Mission of the Lilim called Wolfpack is to kill one of the people in the wedding. It doesn't know which one, it just knows that its intended victim is a) going to be married as of January 5, 2008 (the day of the wedding), and b) is male. That leaves Babi, his father Naresh, and Leslie. Babi is the obvious choice, because of the way the statement is phrased ("a man who, on January 5, 2008, will be married") but it actually applies to all of them. The intended victim, however, is Leslie.

Why does the Principle need Leslie Serrano dead? Because he signed a soul pact some years back, to become successful at his job (graphic artist). That soul pact is currently in the possession of someone unsavory (no need for details just yet), and the Principle is short-circuiting the ability of that demon to assume his life as a Cover. But Wolfpack doesn't know any of that. It only knows that it needs to kill someone in that wedding before the morning of the 6th (at which point all involved are leaving the resort), and its first inclination is to just kill everyone.


Scene One: Van breaks down, characters taken to resort in bus from airport, carrying Babi, his parents, Leslie, Madison, and Damien. Leslie flirts with Avalon.
Scene Two: Owners of resort (Ella and Ferdinand Omertz) meet the travelers, and talk with the characters. They're willing to offer rooms cheap, but not free. They're also willing to let the characters work for a room for the night, but they expect money in the morning.
Scene Three: Common room. Bride, bridesmaids, and other groomsmen all meet up with bus travelers. Grimm hears a ski instructor telling Ferdinand that he found a deer killed by what seems to have been wolves.
Scene Four: Elpis dreams of wolves attacking faceless men, if anyone dreams. If the characters try to leave, avalanche, if not, work and interaction as necessary.