Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Promethean: Into the Snows!

We played Promethean on Monday. Yay!

The characters reconvened after their downtime, meeting up at an abandoned house where Feather was squatting. As they arrived, they found the thin layer of grime over everything that indicated her Wasteland, and then settled in to chatting (she'd made cookies). They talked about their experiences; Matt's job at the monastery, Feather's conversion to Judaism, Avalon's trip to Burning Man, Grimm's adventure out east, and Enoch's meeting with Father Licavoli. Skip was not mentioned.

After a while, Fluffy (whom Avalon was pleased to see), mentioned that the house was structurally unsound - the foundation was weakening, probably due to Feather's Wasteland. This made her sad, as she liked having a house, but they figured it was probably time to move on. They spent the night, and dreamed...

Grimm dreamed of being arrested. Justine Berry was taking his fingerprints, and she looked at them and said, "these are all from different people," and whapped him on the head with the fingerprint card. "Who are you, really?"

Feather dreamed that she was standing in front of a cave. There were children in the cave, and wolves approaching the children. She stood poised to fight them, but one wolf approached with a hand in its mouth. It dropped the hand, and she saw that the hand was Avalon's. Off in the woods, she heard a ticking sound, growing slower.

Avalon dreamed of skiing, hurtling down the mountain, and seeing something furry and dangerous in the trees, watching her.

Matt dreamed of light, the sun on the snow, growing blinding.

And Enoch dreamed he was blind, but walking Fluffy on a leash and seeing through his eyes. He heard a voice that may have belong to a throng-mate say, "Hey!" and woke up.

The next morning, the Prometheans piled their stuff into the van and drove to the Garden of the Gods. Feather (who'd been here on a pilgrimage of sorts) showed them around, and then they decided to see if they could make it Pike's Peak...but given the weather, they decided that might be unwise. Figuring Avalon in particular would love it, they tried to go to Manitou Springs, but ran into a detour. Following it, Grimm felt the van lose traction on a narrow road, and (his player failing and then taking the dramatic failure on a Drive roll; love it when the universe aligns like that), the van tumbled down the mountain.

The characters were dinged up, but mostly unhurt. The van, however, was a wreck, and no one had a phone. As they wondered how far they were from anything, another vehicle drove up - a shuttle taking people from the airport to a resort called "Angellus." The driver offered them a lift, and, not having a lot of demands on their time, they agreed.

The shuttle contained six other people, all going to Angellus for a wedding. They were Babhi (the groom), a pre-med student from Boulder; his parents, Naresh and Anjali; Leslie Serrano and his wife, Madison (both in the wedding party); and Damien West, a groomsmen and film grad from UC Boulder. The characters chatted with them, and, both by conversation and just reading nuance (which some folks do better than others), they learned that Babhi is meeting his fiancee (Serena, a biochemistry major) and the rest of the wedding party at the resort, and then the couple and Babhi's parents are flying out to Madras to visit with the rest of his family. The characters noted some tension when Feather asked if it was going to be a big wedding, but weren't sure why. Madison also mentioned that a huge snowstorm had hit the area and blocked off most of Manitou Springs, but that the resort itself was still accessible. Should be plenty of powder for skiing, though (Leslie was thrilled, Madison not so much).

The characters arrived at the resort, and met Ella and Ferdinand Omertz, the owners. They were willing to give them half off the rooms (better than nothing, and they have the space), but then Enoch asked if maybe they could work for room and board. Ella agreed (with the wedding, there was work to be had); the characters could work and they'd comp rooms tonight, charged half for any rooms going forward, and comps their meals.

With all of that in mind, the characters retrieved their stuff from the bus and walked into Angellus.