Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Promethean Downtime

So, last night we got together and did the bookkeeping for Promethean. I gave the players 8 months of downtime, and told them they could earn 5 Experiences each by coming up with cool things their characters did over the break. They did not disappoint me.

Enoch: Advised the group that, since three of them had succumbed to Torment and all of them were coping with the loss of Skip (which they all had complicated feelings about), they should split for awhile and then meet back up in Denver later. Enoch, himself, followed Avalon, wanting to know more about this strange Promethean. He tailed her to Burning Man, and found himself feeling oddly paternal as she got to know Hector (see below), but stayed out of her notice (must have dampened his Azoth, now that I think of it). After that, Enoch headed toward Colorado. He picked up a copy of a book called Hank's Journal, a fictionalized account of this chronicle, and then received an angelic vision - he learned that his answer to the question ("What are the angels?") might damage the whole group's quest, since it wasn't what the angels were looking for. He traveled to Denver and met up with a Catholic priest named Father Sebastian Licavoli. He also met back up with Matt, there, who was at the Synod running some errands. Somewhere during all of this, he switched to the Refinement of Mercury.

Avalon: Left the group and hitched around, spent some time at a coffee shop where she spent days browsing Wikipedia (remember, she's eidetic, so she remembers everything she's learned). She eventually wound up at Burning Man, where she traded her crafts expertise for crash space and supplies. She studied the people there and made a friend (and probably lover) name Hector Diaz, who called himself "Agor" at Burning Man. She learned to make paper, learned how to weld, played Go, and danced at the pyre. She also picked up a handmade clock, but the guy who traded it to her mentioned that he made the frame, but not the workings. She then detoured through Las Vegas, where she hung out in casinos and met a drunk gambler. He told her stories of strange deaths and disappearances about a year back at a poker tournament (last story of this chronicle). Avalon switched back to Aurum before heading to Denver to meet up with the others.

Matt: Matt went to the wastes, in the desert close to Truth or Consequences, and then returned to the trailer park and his construction job. He worked that for a while, and then took a job as a groundskeeper for a monastery in the area. He got to know the monks, there, and eventually gave confession to one of them, revealing what he was and his affinity for angels. He traveled to the Synod, running errands, met up with Enoch and also spoke with Father Sebastian, and eventually realized he had to leave the monastery before his Wasteland destroyed it. He also got a tattoo on his left arm - the angelic mark he'd drawn on Trent McKean back here. He's staying on the Refinement of Lead.

Feather: She, took, went to the wastes. She found a mountaintop in a Navajo reservation and stayed there, far away from people, until the Torment bled off. And then she went in search of someone who could help her interpret the symbol in her hair. She eventually wound up at a synagogue in Denver, and talked to a rabbi named Samuel Benjamin, who told her it meant "sister." She learned about faith from him, and wound up converting to Judaism and attending Hebrew school with the children (she's always been good with kids). She left when she saw Disquiet start to creep in - the kids were getting possessive of her, and that's never a good sign. From there she made a pilgrimage up Pike's Peak, considering her place in the throng and the value of prayer and faith, and changed to the Refinement of Bronze. Somewhere in here, she also met the Tall Blue Man and told him at least some of her story.

Grimm: He went to the wastes, off into the desert, and spent much of his downtime alone in meditation. When he finally got too hungry for interaction, he left the desert, took the van, and drove east, looking for others of his kind. He saw a pack of werewolves in the desert, but chose not to interfere or make himself known (practicing his Refinement), and eventually ended up in Pennsylvania, where he saw a woman being attacked by a vampire on Christmas Eve. He shot it multiple times, but it kept coming, so he grappled with it and took its fangs as a trophy. The woman he saved, as it happens, was Justine Berry, an Erie cop who has already encountered vampires (Justine doesn't know it yet, but she's going to have an interesting spring, too). Grimm left her a number to contact him with, and headed back west. He's remaining on Copper, for the time being.