Monday, November 4, 2013

Night's Black Agents: Murder Prep

So we wound up doing some actual gaming last night, not just spending points. Ahoy!

The characters went to Bonn, Germany, and after some creative Digital Intrusion had a suite at a nice hotel. Hanover made contact with a contact in the BSI, name of Klaus Hinckel, to get some data on Renate Bauer (who is, recall, the BSI agent who took a meeting with Tasse CEO Simon Thibault and viewed the body of Vasily Avilov in Paris - she's a little too connected to the characters' activities). Hanover also asked Klaus to try and check up on what happened to Ivana Sisek, but that's for another session.

Klaus told Hanover that Renate had been promoted and effectively was the one that other agents answered to on the subject of money laundering. She had been to Paris lately, yes, but she'd taken vacation time to do it - it wasn't an official assignment. Klaus did some further digging and found out that Renate had taken personal time over the last few years to visit Paris, Croatia (specifically Osijek), Hungary (Budapest), and Russia...but never simply to go to Frankfurt, where her family lived.

Since Renate was a hacker and computer expert, the agents decided to have another go at tracing the money (they've done this before, but always get hung up around the Isle of Man). This time, Lockwood helped out with some Cryptography, and Hanover broke the codes - it was, indeed, Renate, funneling money from all over the Europe. It was coming in from sources the characters recognized (Russian mafia, Hy-Klass Escorts [which, Rousseau noted with some satisfaction, had taken a major hit of late], Tasse Medical) as well as some odd deposits from several banks in Budapest.

Digging into those a bit more, using Data Recovery and Electronic Surveillance, they found that the same well-dressed man made all the deposits. They investigated him, and found his name was Dr. Janos Sas - a staff doctor at a prison in Budapest. The accounts corresponded to inmates at the prison, and looking back, Hanover discovered that sometimes an account would close, corresponding to an inmate's release or death. Renate Bauer, it seems, was pretty deep in this - she was laundering the money for the conspiracy. Taking her out, then would put a major crimp in their finances...

...but, of course, it would also tip the characters' hand. Lockwood was enthusiastically in favor of killing Bauer, wanting to set something on fire and "set the rats running." Rousseau agreed, though perhaps for more altruistic reasons. Hanover and David, too, felt that this was a smart play, especially since the heat had cooled off, so it was a low-risk as it was ever going to get. Smith cautiously agreed, but stressed that they needed some intel first, so they knew how to approach this without it all going wrong.

That, then, is the current op - kill (or, maybe, kidnap and interrogate?) Renate Bauer, and learn her role in the conspiracy.