Thursday, October 3, 2013

Warehouse, session three

So, last time, we found this dead guy. This time, we figured we'd wait until dark, go get the brand out of Jimmy's barn, stick it in the purple goo, and get on with our lives. Waiting for dark, Memphis and Blue went and talked to the girlfriend of the boy whose prints we found on the signs on the cows. She didn't know where she was, but claimed he'd go to the tool and dye factory (that we'd investigated last time) to hide out.

Night fell. Charlotte, Blaine and Raji went to the barn. Blaine, as usual, went ahead, and heard a snort from a bull. The animal didn't seem to see him, so he shrugged it off and called the others up. They went toward the barn...and the bull started to glow, ass-first.

Not just glow, but catch fire. The rest of the herd charged toward the barn (and the others). Blaine manifested, scaring some away, and Raji changed to his demonic form and pounded a hole in the barn, trying to escape. Charlotte dodged the herd, and the fiery bull smashed into the barn. Blaine teleported in, telekinesis'd the brand out to Raji, and then we all got the hell out right before the barn exploded.

We explained all this to Blue, who wasn't pleased, but at least we got the brand and could neutralize it. Memphis contacted Artie, and told him we had the brand. He said, "Did you get the coal-pan?" Yeah. This artifact is a two-parter.

Since the only lead we had was the tool and dye factory, we headed out there again, and started looking around. We found the boy, in a sleeping bag. Blue, rather than take any chances, hit him with a Tesla to stun him.

He immediately caught fire, and started melting the sleeping bag around him. We managed to get it off him and calm him down. Turns out that he and some of his mates all got branded as a dare, but apparently it works on people like it does on cows. We took him to the hospital, since he has, y'know, a fucking brand on his shoulder.

While there, Charlotte went off by herself, sniffing the air. "Blood."