Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Warehouse 13: All the cows come home to roost

Monday was the exciting conclusion of our first Warehouse 13 story. The tagline is "Moo."

OK, maybe not.

Anyway, recall that last time, Charlotte was blood hunting the hospital, while the rest of us were taking the young idiot man we'd found with the brand on his shoulder to the ER. Charlotte got hungry and wound up stealing a bag of blood and drinking it, but then had blood all over her face. She grabbed some gauze and wrapped herself up to look like a patient, and tried to get out.

Meanwhile, Blaine and Memphis took the lad in. Blaine coached Memphis through the act of being a social worker, displaying a knowledge of both grifting and modern culture impressive for a ghost of his age (he watches a lot of TV). The attending doctor bought it, took off the goo-bandage (which I didn't mention last time, but it happened), and treated the wound.

Charlotte got herself caught by doctors, and then hooked up to machines and folks exclaiming she had no pulse. Blue told Raji to get her out, and Raji, true to form, pulled the fire alarms. In the confusion, Charlotte slipped out, and Blue, Raji and Charlotte went to one of the other boys' houses to find the coal pan.

They showed up and knocked on the door, and the boy's mother answered. She called her son to the door, who was rubbing his shoulder. Blue got him to show them the shoulder, and low and behold, a fresh brand...which was glowing red.

The characters sprang into action, got the boy out to the van and got him doused in goo to neutralize the brand before he caught fight. Then they took him to the hospital...but left Raji behind. He sneaked into the kid's room, found and pinched the coal pan, and got it to the van and into a bucket of goo (where the characters saw the characteristic spark shower - they'd found the target artifact).

After passing along the other branded kid's name to the sheriff (the brands stopped glowing after the pan was neutralized, so we didn't see the need to hang around), we headed back to base. Our boss showed us Mrs. O'Leary's Cow Bell, another artifact associated with cattle comas and other soporific effects. "What's that, then?" asked Blaine.

Next time, we're back on the ship!