Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Pirates: Story 2

Last night was the first session in our second Pirates story. Look at me, not waiting 10 days to do the writeup!

We join our pirates, as the ships are delivered to Captain (now Admiral) Jack Snow. He immediately promotes Jason "Bloody" Blaine to captain of the Poseidon's Due and takes the Red Treasure (or the Gato del Mar, can't remember) for himself. They haggle over terms, and Blaine agrees to sail to Colombia; a small village called Isabella, founded by the "Great Navigator", is said to be in need of an insane crew to find some lost treasure.

Blaine chooses the other PCs as his crew (obviously) and they hit the tavern in Tortuga. The next morning, they sail to Isabella, make port, and pay the docking fee. The helpful fellow at the dock tells them that Jameson, the man that wants a crew, can be found most nights at the Golden Gull, so we head there. In town, we find a statue of Christopher Columbus, the "Great Navigator," wearing an oddly viking-looking hat. Morgan recalls her grandfather tell her tales of Erik the Red, the man who really found the Americas, years before Columbus. Blaine recalls stories of the Columbus taking "heathen routes" to reach America.

The crew hits the tavern, and hear stories from folks who went sailing around the "Cliffs of Blood", were beset by curses, and escaped to swim to rescue and rededicated themselves to the Church. The pirates drank wine and waited for Jameson. When he finally arrived, he explained that the Cliffs of Blood led to the fabled El Dorado - the city of gold. Blaine agreed to be his crew, keeping 30% of the take (Blaine, BTW, isn't entirely convinced that we shouldn't just drop the guy in the ocean after we find the city, but we'll see).

That night, Francois (who has recently begun practicing voudoun; his patron loa is Aguye, the loa of the sea and sailors) went down into the catacombs under the city - someone in the bar had mentioned it. There, he received a vision of Columbus, who told him the that the world was an illusion, and something about faith (I didn't write it down, but it was very cryptic). He'd also found half a map in a crypt, but wasn't sure what it led to. He passed out, and stumbled home the next morning.

And that morning at dawn, Jameson arrived, and the ship left port! It looked to be a days' sail, or so, but our navigator was having an off night (kept rolling 1s). We wound up going south instead of north, and finally figuring out where we wanted to go...but then spotted a ship. It was the HMS Seahawk, and was a five-mast ship. Much bigger than us, and we were running low on water. Blaine told Maddie Mae to fly colors that would keep them off our backs, and she (Trouble Magnet) ran up the white flag...indicating distress.

The Seahawk fired a shot to indicate she'd seen us, and started moving toward us. We had no wind to flee and no chance of fighting, and Francois and Maddie are both wanted for piracy. "Quick," said Georgina. "We need to get the plague."

"I don't want the plague!" she replied.

"It's all right," said Blaine. "I think I know what she has in mind."