Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Earthdawn: The Return!

Inasmuch as we haven't played in a while, you see.

So, last time, which was a freaking month ago, we lost Arden, the windling Beastmaster, to some kind of spectral dancey thing. The players spent some XP (and went up a Circle, which officially takes lots of training and money but fuck it), and talked to the folks down here in the caverns. They asked about a library or anything else of use, and about the river bed. They were answered by Drea, a human Beastaster (because +Sarah Dyer really wants a mount), who informed them that the river is useless. It was blocked off in a cave-in, and digging it out is impossible because sustained work draws the dancer.

Library, though? Sure, there was one. But it's across the Gorge of Tears.

Cut to the Gorge of Tears. Drea explains that following the escape down the river and the cave-in, some of the folks here, now trapped, threw themselves into the gorge in despair. The area was reputedly cursed. "Are they still down there?" Kurita asked. Unearthly moans were her reply.

Cain zipped across the gorge to see whether the rope bridge was attached to anything sturdy. At that point, several zombie-like things dropped from the ceiling and attacked! The characters, Drea included, fought them off, though they discovered that the zombies went crazy and attacker harder and stronger if hit too hard. One of them chewed Rosanna up pretty badly, but the characters won, tossing a few into the gorge and just beheading the others. They went across the bridge, one at a time, and found three tunnels.

Each was marked with a rune meaning "safety," but they realized that these runes had been altered. One actually said "safety," the other two warned of hazards ahead, but the characters figured that out and took the middle passage. Cain saw a wall of astral force, and the characters heard a gravely voice ask (in the language of the Obsidmen) if they were dead.

They said they weren't, and the Obsidiman told them to come forward. They crossed the barrier, and it led them into a huge cavern, every inch of which was carved with runes. "Welcome," he said, "the Library of the Root Kaer."

Next time: The exciting conclusion, in all probability!