Monday, October 7, 2013

Board Game: Checkers

Yes, really.

The Game: Checkers
The Publisher: Multiple, though my particular checker-board comes in a set with lots of other games.
Time: Varies, probably about 20 minutes.
Players: Myself and Teagan.

Game Play: You probably know already, but if you don't: 12 pieces on each side. Each piece moves one space, diagonally, and can capture the same way. Capturing is compulsory, so you can force your opponent into an unpleasant situation by sacrificing a piece or two. If you reach the end of the board, your piece gets "king'd", and can move backwards as well as forwards. Play progresses until one person has no pieces left.

Opinions:'s a swan, innit? (It's a Hot Fuzz reference, y'all!) Most of us learn to play checkers as a precursor to chess, and it's a good game for learning to think a few moves ahead without getting bogged down in a bunch of different pieces and how they move. Teagan did OK with it (she's played before but not recently), and initially had trouble seeing if a piece was about to get captured. Interestingly, I taught her to play chess a while back and she kept referring to checkers pieces as being "in check," so she internalized at least some of that lesson.

Keep It? Well, sure. It's checkers. Gotta have that.