Friday, September 6, 2013

NBA Notes

No, nothing to do with basketball.

So! Last time, we know that Rousseau got made. I decided that they broke Ivana (rather, the dice decided that), and so it makes sense that Rousseau is the only one they have any data on. But Ivana doesn't know that Rousseau is/was PN, so she still gets to keep her job. Hmm.

They also picked up the photographer and got his stuff, but didn't kill him. So he's gonna wake up in the bathroom at Notre Dame very confused, and missing the memory card in his camera. Now, he won't notice that for a while, and I think he'll go to Vasily as soon as he wakes up and explain what happened.

I decided Vasily doesn't know anything about the conspiracy, though, so if I want to keep that, Vasily doesn't know to report to anyone. Let's actually assume that based on what Golubov tells him, Vasily knows something is up - they left Golubov free and alive, so they aren't cops and they aren't hitters. Vasily takes and smashes Golubov's cell, makes him burn his clothes and shave his head, and then keeps him close (useful as bait). But Vasily doesn't know who all was on that memory card...unless it's on a hard drive somewhere.

Screw it, we'll assume Vasily is smart. He knows about Olive Parent just like the PCs do. There's an eight-hour window between when the characters nail Golubov and when Vasily realizes that Olive is the only living girl they'll be easily able to get to. The characters, though, split up and met back up after some time, so it's really four hours. So the characters have four hours until Vasily's hitter gets to Olive.

Let's say that Olive is on a call tonight (one that Vasily arranged), so she's in a kind of mid-range, touristy hotel, servicing a dude from Montana. Vasily instructs his hitter to wait until she leaves, get her into the car, drive her to the Seine, kill her and throw her body in the river. She leaves the hotel at 1AM, gets to the river at 1:30AM.

Meanwhile, the conspiracy, knowing that Rousseau is in town but not wanting to go charging in (they aren't sure what all they lost in that laptop), decide to send a puppeteer to Paris to vamp a couple of Vasily thugs and maybe turn Vasily into a puppeteer. Said puppeteer arrives in Paris...I want to say along with Lockwood, but how would she know? And who is he? Hmm. Renate Bauer, who's an agent of the same group as Hanover, is a puppeteer, but I think I may be getting ahead of myself.

OK. For now, let's focus on Vasily, the hit on Olive, and dealing with the human traffickers. The players have been very receptive to dealing with that particular group of scumbags, that'll give them some human beings to take down, and then maybe I can have a puppeteer appear out of nowhere and grab Vasily (or Vasily's body). And, again, that leaves Ivana's fate up in the air, but I'll take my cues from the PCs on that.