Monday, September 9, 2013

End of Op 2: Night's Black Agents

Saturday was a rousing game of Night's Black Agents, in which we rather unexpectedly ended the second op. Half of running a good game is knowing when the credits roll, man.

So! Lockwood flew into Paris and joined the other characters, who were talking over what to do about their newly acquired information about Vasily Avilov and the human traffic ring. They decided they'd try and find Olive Parent, the woman whose picture showed up on Mikhael Gulubov's camera and who had, at one point, been arrested for solicitation. They had Smith check into a hotel (using Human Terrain and Streetwise to find one within Avilov's circle of influence, where the bellhop would offer tourist men a bit of a good time).

Indeed, the bellhop mentioned to Smith that if he was alone for the night, he could hook him up. Smith agreed, and a bit later, a black car pulled up with a woman in back, seated next to a man. The man gave her a pat on the leg (kind of a "go get 'em!"), and she went upstairs.

It wasn't Olive, though, so Smith feigned illness and sent her away. She went down to the hotel bar and struck up a conversation with David, who was there watching. She offered her services to him, and he offered to take her for a walk, and then got her alone and asked her about Olive. She revealed that Olive was on a call at a different hotel; fortunately she knew which one. David gave the girl some money and put her on a train south, while the others staked out the other hotel.

They didn't have to wait long. Olive came out of the lobby and got into a car - just one guy, the driver, and not someone the characters had seen. They followed them, Rousseau driving expertly behind, to the banks of the Seine...whereupon the man got Olive out of the car, stood behind her, and pulled a gun.

Hanover, however, shot him dead before he could harm the girl (using his MOS). They took his wallet, cell phone, and weapon, and threw him in the river, and took Olive out of the city to Euro Disney (I am not making this up) to debrief her.

From Olive, with some judicious use of Reassurance, they learned Avilov's habits and MO. He lived in a building in Little Moscow, a building with families and kids (the characters had been planning on just blowing it up, but thought better of that). The windows on his floor were blocked up, so they couldn't snipe him easily. They could assassinate him, though - they're pros, after all, but Smith brought up a point. If they kill him, doesn't someone just fill the void? And will that alert the vampires to their presence? Also, Avilov has a Paris cop on the take (DuClerc), so something would have to be done about him, too.

Rousseau came up with a brilliant plan, though. They staged a video in which DuClerc scuffles with Olive, shoots her dead, and then cleans up after. They arranged it so Olive set up her phone to record (so the video and audio sucked, which worked in their favor, since they just had to make Smith pass for DuClerc under those conditions), drew some of Olive's blood to plant to make it look real, and did all this at the hotel where Smith had check in originally, so the bellhop would see "Duclerc" leaving.

Avilov and his boys came to the hotel, and left in a hurry, and headed to DuClerc's apartment (where the characters were watching from the next building over, ready to make sure everyone that needed to get shot did). Rousseau called in a contact at the Police Nationale, so sirens were inbound - and they called Duclerc right before Avilov kicked in the door. Shots were exchanged, both DuClerc and Avilov fell dead, and the last guy got arrested on his way out.

The characters stuck around Paris to make sure everything worked out - the police dug into DuClerc and realized he'd been on the take, so rolled in to Avilov's building and arrested/shot the criminals there, returning a lot of the women there against their will to their home countries or at least putting them in the system (look, it's not perfect, but it's better than being food).

Smith called up a buddy of his, also an ex-spook, in Sarajevo, and asked him to look into Ivana Zisek, the information broker that apparently sold out Rousseau. He said he would, but had heard nothing of interest.

The characters kept an eye on the warehouse they'd noticed before, but nothing changed. Hanover, however, also made sure to watch Simon Thibault, and lo and behold, he took a meeting with a woman named Renate Bauer. Bauer, as it happens, is BSI - the Federal Office for Security in Information Technology, the same unit that Hanover worked for. And, according to Rousseau's PN contact, she also went to look at Avilov's body.

The characters figured that they should leave Paris for a while anyway, and besides, their best lead was in Germany. So for our third op, we're headed to Bonn.