Monday, August 26, 2013

Earthdawn notes!

Holy cats. Haven't run this in a good long time, and now it's 4:15 and I'm just now putting "pen" to "paper."

I'm having trouble with this game, honestly. I have some ideas, but when I read the book my eyes kinda glaze over. I'm sort of regretting not looking for old sourcebooks at GenCon so I could grab a pre-written adventure just to see what it looks like.

But enough of that whinging. Here we go.

I know I want there to be a kaer under that old hollow tree the characters found last time. I know I want the roots of the tree to extend down into the deeps, forming the rooms and the structures of said kaer. So the kaer consists of a central "pit" room, and then myriad of smaller rooms branching off.

I had initially considered having a civilization still down there, but I think I kind of like the idea that the inhabitants of this kaer fled. But not into the jungle - the PCs can find evidence that the inhabitants of the "root kaer" left via an underground river (now dried up or blocked) and fled south after the Scourge. Maybe they're in the other end of the jungle or something.

Ooh, no, I got it. One hero of the kaer, an elf archer named Shaberra, stayed behind when a Horror broke through the wards. The other folks fled down the river, and what became of them, who knows? But the Horror caught Shaberra, alone in the dark, and changed her into a Spectral Dancer (I like those things).

So, I think what needs to happen is: We need to descend into the kaer and find something that can speak with the characters. Maybe there should be a few living people, like a family of underground humans or something, hiding behind wards. The PCs can talk them into going upstairs, or try, but they're afraid because they think that "the Songstress" will kill them before they reach the surface. They warn the PCs that if they see the woman - run. Do not join her dance, and do not fight her.

I would like for the PCs to learn who she is and what she wants, so they need to delve deeper, find the drawings and art she made on the walls of the underground river tunnel, and learn about the Horror creeping toward her until she makes her last stand, wanting only to "hear another person's voice once again." Once the PCs know that she's desperately lonely, then maybe they can get her to vanish and move on. That'd be nice resolution, I think.

Tonight, then: Into the kaer. Fight some shadowmants (they're not as tough as the artcic flyers, so a handful should be good), find the hiding people. I would really love to have a magical item or two make an appearance, here, so I can use that system and give the Weaponsmith something to do. Hmm. But actually, it's all about Weaving Threads into items, which most of the characters can't do anyway. So screw it, I'll find another way to have him use his Talents.