Sunday, August 25, 2013

Deadlands: The Deathy Conclusion

Well, no one actually died.

So! Last time, the characters learned the Jean Decoundreau, apparently the one responsible for all of this craziness, died outside Denver just after Nikolai met him. They discussed various options, including road-tripping to Denver to check the guy's grave, but then Mark figured out that he could just telegraph the Marshall's office up there and have them look at said grave.

And indeed - a few hours later the reply came. "EARTH DISTURBED. GRAVE EMPTY."

Nikolai, realizing that he and other members of the community were compromised, went up to his house to avoid being around folks. Suzi started working on some gris-gris to help protect people, and went to Pastor Jacobs to deliver one. Lillie went up to Nikolai's house to give him his.

She realized when she got there, though, that something was wrong. The whole place was covered in night ravens, and the lights were out. She opened the door, and ravens swooped in, trying to scare her off, but she was having none of it. One of the servants approached, and came at her with a knife, but she backed off and called up a whirlwind, scattering the birds. This attracted enough attention for the others to head up.

They got there, and discovered that Nikolai's servants were mind-controlled and armed. They fought, making sure not to seriously injure anyone. Suzi walked in, figuring they wouldn't hurt her, but they actually targeted her specifically - apparently Jean didn't have the same love for her that he had in the past. They worked their way upstairs and checked Nikolai's room, and he blasted them with magic (still controlled). Suzi, figuring this had worked before, smooched him, and he managed to break free of the magic, but was still too dazed to be of much help.

The characters forged ahead, up to the attic, and there, surrounded by night ravens, was Jean. He used a fear power, scared Suzi into running and Lillie into a phobia of ravens. Lillie called up a blast, but had to deal with the Devil to do it, and wound up getting mind-fried for a few turns. Suzi turned the fear right back on him, calling on Erzulie to put the fear of a jealous lover into him. Jean fled, leaping out the hole in the wall, trying to fly...but Suzi saw Erzulie reach out and pluck the "wings" from his back. He fell, impaling himself on the wrought-iron fence.

Suzi was remorseful - she hadn't wanted to see Jean die, just to see him pull himself together. But the loa are cruel and unforgiving, it seems. She exorcised his body, and saw the manitou rise up and vanish, and they buried him in the newly re-consecrated cemetery. I'd like to think someone carved "Love is stronger than death" on his headstone.