Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Night's Black Agents: Preppity Prep

Tonight is NBA. Which means I need to get back into this game's mindset. Got an NSA agent here, maybe I should start illegally listening in to people's phone conversations and reading their emails?

(Note to the NSA: I shouldn't, no. And neither should you.)

Anyway, below the page break is super-secret GMing stuff.

Well, first order of business is to spend some XP and refresh everyone's memories about what happened last time, and try to schedule for August (lol. Although I thought July would be hard, and we knocked that out no problem, so maybe). I'm not feeling terrific, but we should probably do some gaming tonight, and I should definitely figure out the next op.

They decided they were going to go to Paris. They have Tasse Medical and Luc Lamarque as leads. The conspiracy doesn't have a good bead on them right now. This being a mirrors game, I should pick a contact and see if they're turned (now that the players know the system, they'll probably avoid letting their Network characters get too low in rating). Let's see.

Well, the lowest rated one is Janos, the vehicle dealer in Budapest that gave them their souped-up Mercedes. He's only got 2, and frankly he's the most logical choice. So let's see if he's turned. Hmm, rolled a 2. OK, I have to beat that score, so Janos is safe. Lucky him.

That means the conspiracy doesn't know where they are. Last the vampires knew, the characters were in Budapest. So since there's going to be a few weeks of downtime, we'll assume that Macan has stopped feeding his vampires, and they've either died off or been reassigned. What do I have already established in Paris?

Well, the elephant in the room - albeit an invisible elephant - is that Rousseau still works for the Police Nationale, and even has a handler there. That should probably figure in to this op. We've got Tasse Medical as a third-tier (I moved it down one), and Simon Thibault, the CEO, as the focus there. I think he's a puppeteer, but hides it better than Macan because a) he's around people more and b) he was created more recently and the process has become better-refined. So he still keeps a routine, but he varies it, he eats normal food. He also cut off all contact with his son (living in Germany) and his ex-wife (living in Switzerland); his feelings for them are confusing and painful.

And then there's LeMarque. He's just a researcher, corresponding with Macan. The obvious question is how much he knows. The lab is owned by Tasse Medical, but LeMarque doesn't know that. He's just taking blood samples from rabbits and rats that have been injected with the additives and then sending them to Macan. He knows that the additives come in from a facility in Paris (vials of injectable liquid), some are placebos and some are the real stuff, but he doesn't know which is which (truth of the matter is that they're all the real stuff). He's recently been instructed to keep everything in paper records, rather than computerized. He's the only one at the lab working on this, and the lab is just an animal testing facility - most of the work done here is this kind of thing (unrelated researcher injects animals and records results).

Finding out about Tasse will probably also be a priority. Tasse owns several facilities throughout Paris. They do medical supply, but three years ago sunk some money (which came from the Russian mob/Eastern Europe criminal end of things, though tracking that would take some doing) into research. The stated research is for a supplement to help blood-related disorders, and Bureaucracy shows that the research was rushed through IRB and that much of the documentation is missing (the conspiracy greased some palms).

They need to be careful on this op. Too much Heat will get Rousseau identified, and then that brings the conspiracy back around to the PN.