Thursday, July 25, 2013

Game Write-Ups Before the Long Road

We're leaving tomorrow, but not on a jet plane. A jet Civic, I guess. Heading for Iowa, Nebraska, Colorado, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Missouri, and then home. I enjoy road trips, I really do, and I'll be doing a running travelogue with pictures and everything!

But for now: Pirates.

Last time we met, we didn't really play much, because Sarah drank something she shouldn't have and got sick. So this time, we had our ambush set up. We got to the island, and found that Jack Snow's treasure was buried (supposedly) in the ruins of an old fort. We set up four cannons, armed two of them with chain shot, and angled them so as to bottleneck any incoming thieves. Then we hid and waited.

Captain Mauser and his crew came aboard, looking for the treasure of the "frosted captain," and we let fly with the chain shot, killing Mauser and several of his people. Blaine stepped around the corner (choking down bile, since he's afraid of blood) and told the survivors to stand down. Morgan rounded the cannons - and they agreed.

We tied them up, and left our captain and a couple of sailors to watch them, while we got on their boats and headed back to the Poseidon's Due. They'd left a few men behind, but we boarded and jumped them. It took some doing - one fellow in the crow's nest had a device that spat fire! But they were outnumbered, and soon enough they were incapacitated.

We discovered that the fire-spitting device was the clapper to the bell, the one that puts people to sleep. So now we have this weird artifact, and two ships...and next time (which is a while from now), we'll flip to the modern day, and find out what has become of these mystical artifacts in the ensuing centuries.

And then, last night, the exciting conclusion to our Demon: The Descent game: How An Angel Dies.

The characters, you'll recall, were in quite a pickle. Will was facing off against the demon-wolf, Marchosias, with Edgar and Luke nearby. Simon had sucker-punched Jamie, and Amy had caught her as she plummeted earthward. And Saskia was stuck in her own little reality-bubble.

Marchosias was cowed, but the characters weren't really sure what to do with him. Edgar used Interference, but instead of scattering the demon-energy around, he tried to focus it all on Marchosias. He did that, and Saskia, stuck in her bubble, saw the world around her in faint, blue-light outlines. And then a wave of...well, light started washing toward her, destroying and resetting everything in its path.

Back in the world, Edgar warned everyone to lie low. Everyone but Will (who was keeping the wolf at bay) dropped back into human form. And then the wave hit.

It filled their Aether pools, so that's good news, but it also reset everything. When the dust cleared, several of them were injured, the Aether scorching them, but it was April 21, 1962. The time-bubble had reset. Marchosias was gone. Amy looked at him with Clairvoyant Sight, and saw him back in his fire-pit. They broke into the house (now empty and not destroyed) and found the basement to be a bit warm...he was trapped again. They looked in on Simon, and he was on top of the Space Needle in present-day, looking sad. Had this reset been the Lambent's mission?

They took a cab to Fremont, hoping to use the Troll's car to get back...and found the gate closed. That left the Space Needle, but they were worried about that, seeing as how a) it's public and b) not all of them can fly. Will suggested going through the Underworld and emerging in modern day, and Luke agreed it might work. He used Rip the Gates, and the six of them trouped through the Underworld, and emerged through an Avernian Gate in the basement of a coffee shop, staffed by a barista called Charlie.

They went to the Troll, and learned that a crazy guy with a hammer had wandered down the street and smashed up the Troll's car. That, then, had been the Lambent's mission. Looking in on Simon again, they found him to be in an office at the Space Needle - apparently he works there. They went there, bluffed their way in (Authorized), and took an audience with him. Will made it quite clear he'd love to kill him, but they were willing to talk.

Simon told them his plan had been for Marchosias to wriggle through the portal into modern Seattle and burn it, but he hadn't known about the Lambent (if he had, he'd have angel-jacked the Lambent himself). The others reminded him that, y'know, they live here, but Simon acknowledged that - he just wanted to see the city burn. Will made it clear that when/if word got out about what he tried to do, it wasn't just this ring he'd have to deal with, and Simon understood that. Jamie said that, instead of trying to end the world to work through his issues, maybe he should just come down to the bar and have a drink?

Simon agreed that, in light of the day/night he'd had, that might be preferable. And so that's where we end - heading to the bar to have a drink and talk this out, like reasonable demons.