Friday, July 19, 2013

Game Prep

Running Deadlands tonight, so I ought to do some prep, yeah?

So, last time we saw any of these characters, Suzi Love had a little side adventure. I wouldn't mind tying that in, just because it'd be cool to see Sarah tell that story to the others. I don't want to tie in Annabelle or anything from the railroad, I don't think?

I do have a dangling plot hook. After last summer's conclusion of Barton Boys Don't Die, Nikolai told the characters that he was sending them to Denver.

Oh, now I remember. Suzi used Mina's whip on a zombie. I like the idea that now one of the deathier loa is interested in her, and having a "war for the soul of Suzi" might be fun.

We never established any chronology for the game, so let's assume that Lynched happened before Barton Boys Don't Die.Then Suzi goes off and has her adventure, and then she gets the attention of Maman Brigitte, a death loa and wife of Baron Samedi.

So the "strangest man" that Nikolai met in Denver was Baron Samedi...sort of. In actuality, he was a bokor from Louisiana, much like Suzi. The bokor, named Jean Decoudreau, has been following Suzi Love for years; he was a child when Suzi was born, and saw her grandfather die. He's become somewhat obsessed with her, and had recently learned that she was in Novygrad, but then was murdered outside Denver, just after he met Nikolai (Nikolai was drunk enough that he doesn't remember that Jean asked about Suzi specifically).

When Jean died, a manitou raised him up as a Harrowed. He's still obsessed with Suzi, but now he wants her like he is - a Harrowed, immortal and undead, ready to spread some fear of death. To that end, he's used Mind Rider on Nikolai to keep tabs on Suzi. He wants to get Suzi to keep using the whip, to use her powers in a more death-friendly way, and to let Maman Brigitte into her soul a bit more. Failing that, he'll just kill her.

So, we'll start off today in Novygrad. Jean uses Puppet on Nikolai and has him de-consecrate the graveyard. This immediately brings cemetery wolves, who sneak in at night and start digging for carrion. So that'll be our first session - fight off the wolves, learn that Nikolai spilled blood at the cemetery gates (note, though, that the ritual he used is voudoun in nature, which is out of character for him - he has no memory of the incident). Suzi can recognize the genesis of the ritual, as well as control the cemetery wolves by calling on Maman Brigitte and using the whip.

Work in: Black roosters, desire for hot rum with peppers. Suzi should totally make that without realizing it. Also, night ravens should hit everyone except Suzi; the black rooster keeps them away.

Good start!