Thursday, July 4, 2013

Bloody Pirates!

Mine's the only one that's bloody, actually, and that's only because of his nickname.

Anyway, we played Pirates of the Spanish Main some time ago, and once again I let life get in the way and didn't do the write-up. So here we go.

The crew got onto El Gato Del Mar (the ship we found and repaired), got underway, and saw, off in the distance, the Poseidon's Due. Chase was on!

Well, that didn't work out. We chased after them, but even the superb navigation of Francois didn't let us catch up. They escaped out of view, presumably headed for Tortuga. So we headed there as well - we had no food, anyway, and needed to resupply.

We put in to Tortuga, and Magidan got to work on getting us resupplied. She kicked ass at it, too; wound up getting us stocked for a good voyage for the price of a barrel of gunpowder (her winning personality and Attractive Edge may have had something to do with it). Meanwhile, the rest of us started looking for information about what had happened to the Due and its erstwhile captain. It took us a while, but we heard rumors of a sailor from that evil dude's crew who was stuck in hospital with nasty burns. Madigan, meanwhile, had heard rumors of a nasty weapon called "black fire." Hmm.

So Georgina and Blaine went to see the dude, and yes, he was covered in burns and probably dying. Georgina went to fetch medicines and otherwise make him comfortable, and Blaine told him that he sailed under Captain Snow. The man (William) was afraid, but Blaine assured him that he'd never hurt a good sailor in such straits, and that he didn't hold a pirate doing his job against him. William confessed, then, that the Due sailed for an island off the coast of Puerto Rico, looked for the treasure of the "frosted captain."

Blaine thanked him, and then told him that this was no way for a pirate to live, and held his hand over William's face until he died. When Georgina came back, he said that William had passed on. Georgina stayed at the hospital and worked for the night, in exchange for some herbs and medicines, and in the morning, we set sail.

Who, Blaine asked Captain Jack, was the "frosted captain?" "What's my last name, man?" he asked Blaine. "Snow...oh, right."

"It's a three-day voyage," said Snow. "Francois, you're going to buy us half a day."

Francois got to work and charted a route, one that got us there even faster. Next time, fully stocked and there ahead of the Due, we're gonna plan a little surprise. Avast, motherfuckers!