Sunday, June 23, 2013

Pirates! Yarr! (Part 1)

So, two freaking weeks ago, we played Pirates of the Spanish Main for the first time. I've been meaning to do this write-up for a while, but I haven't because I don't have the character sheets I didn't bother to check because (I'm not running the game) and I'm a numpty I can't remember everyone's name. However, since I'm spending today catching up on various blog-related things, I'll go ahead and do it, and fill in the names later as necessary.

The basic premise here, BTW, is the our pirates are going to be finding and stashing magical artifacts, and then we're going to jump to a modern-day, Warehouse 13 type of game (in Cinematic Unisystem; I'm playing a ghost!) to track them down again.

But first, dinner:

Balsamic glaze, strawberry yoghurt, yams, baby bok choy, sole (not pictured).

Sauteed the sole in butter, lots of butter (salt, herbs, as well). Cut the yams up small and then cooked them like risotto, with the yoghurt and some milk and broth as the liquid. That was interesting. Cooked the bok choy with the vinegar glaze; simple enough, but it worked.

OK, so, characters:

  • "Bloody" Jason Blaine, quartermaster (me). Blaine's nickname doesn't come from the fact that he's a skilled fighter; he is, but he's a pugilist first and last. He's actually afraid of the sight of blood, and so avoids stabbing or shooting. 
  • Georgina St. John, surgeon (Michelle). Upper class English woman who went against her family and managed to find a medical school that would take her, but the only place she's been able to practice is on the high seas. 
  • Francois, navigator (Toasty). Haitian former slave (has Outsider and Branded, so he was naughty at some point). 
  • Morgan, gunmaster (Amanda). Old lady, half deaf, but very adept with shooty things. Likes to talk, perhaps a bit too much. 
  • Madigan Maye, boatswain (Sarah). Irish lass and graduate of the Ladies Academy (it's in PoTSM, look it up). Wanted for crimes her player can't remember right now because it's "early." 
So we begin as the characters leave Tortuga, heavily laden with supplies and off on more pillaging and adventure. We bed down for the night and Blaine takes the first watch...and promptly falls asleep. Morgan wakes up to the sound of grapples on the ship, and runs (shuffles, anyway) to the warning bell to ring it. But it's missing its clapper. It makes no sound...and has a soporific effect, and she dozes off. 

We all wake up in chains: The PCs, the captain (Jack Snow), the pilot (Dubloon Swallowin' Quinn), the power monkey (Crazy Pegleg Ivan), and several sailors. The dude who attacked our ship the Poseidon's Due), a pirate whose name I can't recall (had a "Red" in it) cast us off the boat with some supplies, onto an island, and sailed away on our frickin' ship. Only later did we realize we'd only seen our ship sailing away - what had he sailed up on? 

So we're on this island. Now, we'd been heading here anyway. There's a legend about another pirate ship that had been lost around here, and maybe we could find the ship and at least use the supplies? So we set out through the jungles, stopping long enough to cut down some bananas, and along the hike we found some bodies of the pirates of...this other ship (arrgh, can't remember the name), and finally the ship itself (more bodies). 

We got to work making it serviceable again, which involved cutting down trees to repair the masts and using the cargo we found (silks) to repair the sails. We found the captain's log and discovered that the ship had run aground after sailing up the river on the island, and the crew had died of dehydration and dysentery. Their only request: That their bodies be taken out to sea and dumped there, rather than be left to rot on this island. We decided to oblige them, and loaded the bodies onto the ship, and sailed out...looking for the bastard that took our ship. 

(Future updates will have more detail, but again, it's been two weeks and I kept forgetting to do this one.)