Friday, May 10, 2013

Promethean: Wanderings

Been meaning to do this all week, keep forgetting. Let's go!

Last time, the characters confronted an angry ghost, helped her move on, and then bedded down in the desert. They all dreamed. Everyone but Matt dreamed of pedestals. The first two held the angels they'd already seen (Angel Costas and the Living Creature), but the others were empty. The seventh one, though, the pedestal was black and cold, drawing light and heat into it. Matt, meanwhile, dreamed of fire, and only escaping the fire by joining it and burning. In the morning, they got their sunrise-Pyros hit, and then headed back to where they'd left the van.

The van, however, was gone. They were miles from town, and another 30 miles on top of that from their trailer. They quickly figured that the van had been loaded onto a flatbed, and they started walking back into town. They came to a truck stop with a diner, and sat down to have some breakfast (remember that Avalon had sold a bunch of her drawings, so they had some cash). The characters talked a bit about what was going on, and Skip made faces at a little boy in a booth (getting a milestone for Playing with Children, but scaring the kid somewhat).

Skip, Enoch and Grimm decided to hoof it out to the junkyard lot where their van had likely been towed, and see what it would take to get it back. Matt decided to hole up somewhere and draw/write in a journal he purchased. Avalon and Feather took showers (actually, I think they all did) and then Avalon got to work on drawing. She also wrote out the word on Feather's forehead.

At the lot (Red's Junk and Towing), the characters discovered that the van was boxed in. Red intimidated Enoch (putting the Bamboozled Condition on him), and charged several hundred more than the characters had. Dejected, they started walking back. Grimm intimidated Skip into admitting that it had been Nergal who crashed the car, but he took a very defiant, unapologetic tone about the incident.

The characters headed to the library. Feather looked up the word on her head, and discovered it was "sister." She remembered being created as a guardian for a young child, so this didn't make any immediate sense. Matt, noticing a librarian staring at him, asked for help finding a book. The librarian noted that Matt looked like a guy who used to be on a TV show called Alabaster Gates, but was unable to remember the actor's name. Matt, now having someplace to start, spent some time searching through the IMDB listing for the show and found...himself.

He had been created from the body of an actor named James Canaday. James had a history of depression, and had jumped off a building in a small town in Pennsylvania while on a location shoot. His body, strangely, had vanished from the morgue there (but we know why that is; he was turned into a Promethean by Lurch). He gained a milestone (Learn His Body's Name).

Skip and Avalon went back to the lot and Avalon challenged the junkyard owner about the bill. He relented, and Avalon used Suggestion and got an exceptional success, so she just got the van back for nothing. On the way back, Nergal talked with Skip, and told him that they should have brought "the guy with the guns." Why? There was something here, something that Nergal felt was important but that he couldn't identify ("it's really more your thing.").

Skip informed the others of this when they all regrouped, and due to his uncommon honesty in explaining where he got the information, the characters decided to go back to the junkyard that night. Maybe pick up some butcher bones on the way to appease the dogs.

Now, the question is, have I ever used the Junkyard from World of Darkness: Mysterious Places in one of my "official" games, or just in cons? I need to check through my records....