Monday, May 27, 2013

Night's Black Agents - Bullets Everywhere!

Saturday was Night's Black Agents. Let's watch, shall we?

The characters took a week in scenic Budapest in order to let some Heat bleed off. They were also waiting on Hanover's contact, Janos, to put together a couple of armored Mercedes so they could drive them to Zurich. That took some time.

Rousseau made contact with her handler in the Police Nacionale, Celeste Sarobcade. She requested money at a drop in Zurich, and made her aware of what was happening, including people throwing sinks around.

Smith received a message from Milrod, the arms dealer that he got his guns from way back at the beginning of this story. Milrod had information about the paymaster in Zagreb (whoever it was that was supposed to send money, but that Anton intercepted) and wanted to meet. The agents chose a nice restaurant, and Smith and Lockwood went along to talk with Milrod. Hanover watched from a table, David from the bar, and Rousseau did overwatch outside.

Milrod was obviously injured. He carried himself like he was in pain, and he acting scared and traumatized. He said that the paymaster's name was Klobucar, and that he was in Zagreb; they ran in the same circles. The characters got the feeling that Milrod wasn't saying everything he knew, so they pressed a little. He admitted he'd been tortured into setting up this meeting - someone was after the characters, someone absolutely brutal. The characters left, and regrouped at a cafe some distance away.

They decided that Milrod was their best asset, here. They discussed grabbing him and interrogating him, and decided that their best bet might to follow him, since they knew where he was. Lockwood (with Preparedness) revealed she'd put a tracker on him, so they followed it back to a hotel. Smith and Rousseau waited in the van, while David, Hanover and Lockwood went up to the room to collect him.

David (more Preparedness) pumped gas in under the door to put Milrod to sleep, and then picked the lock. Inside the cramped room, they found Milrod sitting at the desk...dead, with two holes in his neck. And then David heard the slide on a gun, and told everyone to get down.

Outside, Rousseau noticed a man walking behind their van with a knife. She pointed that out to Smith, and Smith, not wanting to screw around, shot him in the neck. He dropped, and Rousseau backed the car up (to conceal the body/finish the job), but didn't hit anything. Instead, a tire went flat.

Inside the hotel room, someone shot through the door at David. Lockwood opened the main door to the room to give them an out, but another man, standing across the hall, shot at her. She returned fire, and Hanover leaned over her shoulder, shooting and dropping the guy across the hall.

But the guy in the bathroom left, moving fast enough that David didn't see him do it (and assumed a third shooter). He fired at Hanover and Lockwood on full auto, wounding them both, but David shot him down.

Outside, Rousseau smashed the van into the dude, but he reached back and punched through the windshield. Smith shot him, and Rousseau hit the brakes, sending him tumbling out of the car. And then Rousseau ran his ass over again.

Upstairs, David did some quick first aid on Lockwood (who was pretty injured) and then looked at the bodies. The two shooters weren't bleeding - the blood was just kind of pooling. Milrod, too, had obviously died of blood loss, but there was no blood around. Hanover mentioned the word "nosferatu", and the others agreed that this somehow, impossibly, looked vampiric. But now there were sirens on the way.

Smith checked the body of their assailant, and found a business card for an escort service called Hi-Klass. He also grabbed the guy's knife, because why not. Rousseau stole a car, and pulled up in front of the hotel, just as the cops arrived. David tried to pass himself off as a doctor, and Lockwood as a woman he was getting to the hospital, but the cops didn't buy it (Rousseau's player blew the Heat roll), and so they took off.

We used the Thriller Chase rules, and it was pretty exciting. Rousseau took a strong lead (Smith, with Preparedness, had place a small explosive charge in the discarded van, just enough to distract), but she blew through her Driving spends pretty quickly, and then it was just dice. The others helped (Traffic Analysis, Urban Survival), but in the end, it took Digital Intrusion to control traffic lights and Conceal to hide the car. But they got away.

They laid low until morning, and picked up the Mercedes from Janos. David, with one more Preparedness use, had moved their stuff out of the hotel (which was good, because the duplicated laptop was there), and so they headed out of town. They decided that running to Zurich would put them too far away from the problem...and they wanted to figure this out. They decided to go back to Osijek, since the medical school there was obviously involved.

Once there, they rented a house (courtesy of Hanover), and looked into Hi-Klass a little more. It was basically a prostitution ring, headquartered in Gyor, Hungary, and (digging deeper) probably a front for human trafficking out of Paris. This made Rousseau perk up, because that's her turf, but the characters wanted to figure out why the med school is involved.

So next time - next week! - they'll go looking for Dr. Radovan Macan.