Monday, May 20, 2013

Game! Prep! (Promethean)

Yay! Game prep!

So, it turns out I haven't, in fact, used The Junkyard in my games, officially. I used it in a game I ran for Origins way the fuck back in 2005, but that was the Mage Origins demo, and that wasn't "canon" (holy hell, my games have canon). I don't have any memory of using it any other time.

Hell, when I get some free time (HA) I really need to go through Mysterious Places and note where I've put all these damn things.

Well, anyway, I think the Junkyard really is "unclaimed," so fuck it, it's in Truth or Consequences, NM.

What do I need to decide? Well, if I don't want to keep the "Atlantean temple" angle (which I don't), I need something else. Obviously Promethean-related. Let's say that Astira Omondi (Enoch's creator) came through here and had car trouble following her failed attempt to use Abigail Torres' body to make a Promethean. She parked her car in a lot in town and walked across the street into a grocery store to call for a tow. Red Odell swung by and towed her. She got a cab out to the junkyard, just as the sun was setting (there's exactly one cab for hire in Truth or Consequences), and it left her there.

Astira was nearly killed by the dogs and rats. She scampered into the stacks of cars, and there found a Shrine of the Seer, on the Scorched Saint cycle. It told her to find a high plateau, a place in which "the clouds could be tasted, where the three become one". There, she would find the water she required, and the body she needed. She already knew what it meant - her home town, Trinidad.

She left behind a Pilgrim Mark ("enlightenment") in the circle of cars over the hole, and another one on the front gate (which is only visible when it's closed at night - "danger").

So, supernatural shit? Sure. Red Odell is a blood bather. He goes out and hunts at night, and capturing and keeping people imprisoned in his basement. Once a year, he kills them, drains their blood into a big steel tub in the middle of the junkyard, and bathes in it. His sons know about it, but he has them too terrorized to rat on him.

So: People in the basement need savin'. Red needs killin'. Tub needs destroyin'. Sounds good.