Monday, March 4, 2013

Mars Game Notes!

OK, we're doing the conclusion of Spirit of the Century: The Armies of Mars tonight, so I had been taken some goddamn notes.

One thing I find kind of annoying: I run Dresden, and then I run this, and this has a slightly different system. I haven't read the Fate Core documents yet (I should, since I want to do a hack of curse the darkness with it for the Companion), but I like the way Dresden handles stress and consequences. I'm not going to import them for the last session of Mars, but I'm running an SotC game later in the month, so maybe then, I dunno (or maybe I'll just read Fate Core between now and then, ha ha).

Anyway, the collected story so far is here. Stay out, players! Read on, not-players!
OK, so the players actually did have a plan last time. Reading it, I wonder if we can really do this in one go. We'll try.

So, Justin and Gar are going after Mar'ik to take down his squad. That's definitely a conflict scene, and I want it to be fun and decisive, but not take all fucking night. I want Mar'ik to play for blood - he's going to try and kill Gar (traitor to the Reds) and capture Justin (more trouble than he's worth). That'll be a good opening, and I think we'll just open with that conflict starting - no need to fuck about with stealth and whatnot. I have Mar'ik statted already, but I need stats for the soup-up fliers that Justin and Gar are using as well as stats for Mar'ik's remaining guards.

Eliza is going ahead to join up with the Master of Chains, trying to trick him into thinking that she's joined him. I think that's going to be a social conflict, and Elitza really needs to think about her approach, here. The Master of Chains sold the PCs out, so he's wary, but if she tells him a good story he'll buy it. Again, quick scene, the goal being to have the MoC with some kind of Duped Aspect or something. If he sees through it, though, he'll just try and kill her, so she'll need to either escape or kill him. I don't need to stat anybody here, since I have the Master of Chains done.

And then Reana and Xax are going to the Sea of Tranquility with the bomb. Reana wants to learn why she's the Mother of Dragons. I think that's fair. So since we've not seen him lately, let's bring in General Keltan Lasik, the commander of the Xenon Air Force. When Xax and Reana get to the Sea of Tranquility, they can set up the bomb and get it all in place n' shit. At this point, the Air Force rolls in (big, fuck-off ships carrying skimmers). The characters will die if they try and fight, but they can flee into the dried-up canals. They could set off the bomb (killing them both), in which case "Mother of Dragons" is prophetic, or they can find abandoned passages with Blue Martians and their warships, the Leaping Dragons (they're waterborne, but used controlled explosions to propel themselves up). Reana gets to lead the Blue Martians in that case.

That leaves the final scene at the gates of Xenon, and that's mostly a matter of coordinating things - the rebel Reds, White Apes, Greens, and Blues (there's gotta be a trench that is blasted open and lets the warships nearby). If Elitza has subjugated the MoC, she can force the Black Moons to hit the soldiers from inside, otherwise she'll need to get clever, but either way this should all end with the city falling and the rebels victorious, and some kind of high council thing with all of the Martian races.

I think this is doable tonight, but we'll see. If it has to go one more session, I can live with that.