Monday, March 11, 2013

Game notes!

I actually have several game write-ups to do (namely Nights Black Agents and Demon), but I don't have time right now, as I have to take notes for Promethean.

OK, so the characters are going to Truth or Consequences, NM, because there's a spaceport there. But in the context of the story, it's still under construction. Now, this was meant to be Enoch's story, but his song is basically a love/loss song, and not very supernatural-y. It also mentions going to Colorado. So I think this story needs to happen in two parts. Truth or Consequences, and then somewhere in Colorado ("she loves the mountains and the snow"). I think if we end up on Fisher's Peak, that'll be fun. But we need to get there. And I need a devil song.

"Devil Song," by Beth Orton. Pretty good, I think.

OK, so who's the angel here, and what's going on? I kinda want to do something fighty tonight, I think, but I don't want to start off with a fight because, well. So instead let's assume that characters got into Truth or Consequences last night and set up camp near the construction site (there are a lot of trailers out there, inhabited by the workers, and a few are empty).

Now, the larger problem here is that I need to tie this back to Matt's demiurge (or creator, but I think demiurge). So let's assume that she was actually from Trinidad, and in moving south she wound up here. She wound up down here attempting to create a Promethean using the water from the hot springs (she eventually wound up creating Enoch, so something worked, but that happened up on Fisher's Peak). The creature that she created here attacked her. She immobilized it by tossing a stick of dynamite at it, which destroyed one of the springs, but it's still lurking there, waiting to be invigorated.

The larger issue is that one Pandoran isn't going to be much of a match for six Prometheans, so I think what needs to happen is that we need to make it more badass. It is possible for multiple Pandorans to result, so let's assume there are three. And I should probably stat them, which I'll do momentarily.

Into all this we need an angel. The first answer to "what are the angels?" was "weakness, meant to test us." The second answer was "our missions, what we have to do." So this time around, I think that learning about the Principle might be good. That means a pretty powerful angel, and that's fine, but I think that it doesn't need to show up until the end, when they reach Enoch's "birthplace" on the mesa.

Tonight, let's assume that during the day when they crack the ground, the workers are digging, uncover the Pandorans, sweep the gunk up (maybe the PCs will see an EPA guy arriving) and that night it animates and they go after the PCs. Eventually the goal will be to get them to Trinidad, but not yet.

Sounds good. Now milestones, and Pandorans.