Saturday, March 2, 2013

Dresden Notes

So, lots of exciting stuff happening last time. I actually remembered to take some notes on not just what happened, but what I wanted to do. So in the interest of masking this all from my players:
Right, so. Here's what needs to happen tomorrow:

1) Lou needs to go suss out the last two horses.
2) The characters (mostly Opal) need to set up the race - time, location, etc.
3) Lou needs to make the card.
4) The vampires need to attack Rusty and Clive.

So let's take this one step at a time.

1) Lou is going out to see Arthur Bingham's horse. The horse's name is April Showers, a brown mare who likes mud. The important thing, though, is that while there Lou (and anyone that accompanies him) has a chance to learn that Bingham is a) Albert's father (which I think the players suspected and b) Rusty's benefactor.

1a) The other horse is Albert's, which is a much lower-rent stable. The horse's name is Sleipnir (Albert named it), and while it doesn't have six legs, it's a good sprinter (white in color). Albert is there, and he'll get a chance to meet Lou (they're both focused practitioners).

2) This one's up to the players.

3) This one, too.

4) At night, the vampire crew follows Rusty and Clive. They'll also feed on people wherever they happen to find themselves. The vampires can't actually jump Opal or Lou, but Alice is fair game (though Bo is not). It'd be nice to have an excuse to either whittle down the characters' plot points or pump them up through the fight. Lou or Opal entering the fight, or indeed even entering the scene of the fight, causing the vampires to immediately flee. Billy Ray doesn't get involved at all.

I think that's good. I think I can use the vampire stats in the book with no real problem, and I don't think I need to stat Albert for anything.