Thursday, March 28, 2013

Belatedly Promethean Post

Belatedly Promethean? Good grief, how do I adverb?

First, dinner.

Rainbow trout, quail eggs, orange whiskey marmalade, blue potatoes.
Interesting basket. So, I cut up the taters and roasted them with olive oil, salt, pepper, fresh rosemary. I hydrated some dried shitake mushrooms in stock, and then cut them up with some fresh tomatoes (diced), basil, cumin, paprika, salt, pepper and stuff the fish with that, then baked it. I glazed some carrots with the marmalade, and then topped the fish with a fried quail egg. Good stuff.

Anyway, we played this game on Monday and I've had a really busy week, so I'm just now getting to this. Let's go!

Last time, the characters had discovered Pandorans at the construction site, but they were kept dormant by the workers. The characters figured that as long as they didn't go to the site at night (when there were no people around), they'd be fine. Ha.

Well, that probably would have been true...except Grimm, following Cuprum, decided he'd go sleep in the desert, a ways off from the trailer park (I love it when players do shit like that). Grimm was asleep, but felt something touching his hand. He jerked away, drawing his gun...and found himself surrounded by five blobby things. They all reared back and spit acid at him.

Several connected, dissolving his shirt and some of this flesh. Grimm was in trouble. Me, I'd have run - Grimm shot one. One of them grappled him and another showed a toothy, lamprey-like mouth out of the ooze and bit him. This got him a milestone (Lose Pyros to a Pandoran) but it was also getting him close to death.

Fortunately, Avalon and Skip both heard the shot, and they were in separate trailers. They woke the others and went sprinting out to where Grimm was sleeping. Matt got there first (Swift Feet) and attacked on with his pistol, Feather arrived thereafter and started wrestling with one, and Skip got there next and started pounding on them. Enoch and Avalon were bringing up the rear (not much Speed), but managed to use claws and thrown rocks, respectively, to do some damage. The throng managed to kill the Pandorans without Grimm getting to visit the River of Death.

Looking around a bit, Grimm noted that the Pandorans dissolved to watery sludge when killed. He used Sense Flux and noticed that the Pandoran sludge smelled a little like Enoch - not much, but when Enoch showed his disfigurements, he got that scene. Enoch theorized that might be because whoever had created these Pandorans had been trying to make an Osiran; this led to a bit of discussion about Pandorans and how they're made, in which Enoch related a story he'd heard about a Promethean creating another unintentionally (that happened here. It was five fucking years ago).

They took him back to the van, figuring they'd better get him some power before something else happened. They also considered moving on, since they weren't sure if there were more Pandorans around. They got out to a power line in the middle of the desert, and Nergal mentioned he was bored. Skip absently told him "go play," and he gleefully disappeared.

Grimm climbed the power pole to grab the wires, and Nergal tried to push him off - didn't work, Grimm was too strong. He healed himself (and topped off Pyros), and then climbed down and Matt climbed up and did the same. Enoch tried to climb up (he wasn't hurt, but was running out of juice) but couldn't quite get purchase; he wound up using Procrustean Shape to slither up the pole. Skip told Nergal off, and the characters argued a bit about Nergal and how Skip wasn't controlling him. Enoch suggested that maybe someone else should learn to talk to Nergal, and Skip said that he'd teach Enoch if Enoch would teach him the secret of Revivification.

On the way back, Nergal again said he was bored. He asked if he could go play if he promised not to hit anyone. Skip agreed, and he vanished. A ways down the road, Grimm, who was driving, suddenly felt the van lurch to the left. He steered it around an oncoming truck, and it came to rest on the side of the road, tipped over on its side.

The characters got out and yelled at Skip, kind of deservedly. He talked to Nergal, and Nergal said that he was just pointing out where to go - there was something important around here. The characters considered, and Grimm used Sense Pyros, and felt something off into the night.

Feather pushed the van back upright, but the characters weren't sure what was out there or why. Knowing only that something was out there, something that might help them on their quest, they started walking.