Thursday, February 28, 2013

Enter the Growling Door!

We're changing the name of our company.

Turns out "Play Attention" is trademarked by a company in North Carolina; they make software and educational products for students with Attention Deficit Disorder. That's kind of ironic, if you think about it (I'm a speech-language pathologist, meaning I work with kids with various attention disorders and I'd never heard of this company, though they seem to have a decent-sized footprint). The owner of the company was very polite and understanding about it, but in the end, his company makes games and he was here first.

That's fine. The nice thing about the RPG industry being such a small pond (and our company being so new) is that we're not losing years of brand identity by having this happen. We've changed the name to:

Here's what you need to know:

  • That awesome logo was drawn by Lauren Chaikin
  • This change will not affect the release of A Tragedy in Five Acts, except that it'll be through Growling Door Games rather than Play Attention Games (which, in turn, means nothing more than a different logo on the book and that I'm less likely to catch heat for copyright infringement). 
  • Our main website will be down for a little while while we get up and running (we wanted to redo it a bit anyway). I'll be communicating here, at, Facebook, G+, and Twitter (@GrowlingDoor). 
  • I'll be uploading a revised pdf of curse the darkness whenever I can get to it; we'll be changing the logo on the inside and making some minor corrections. 
Please spread the word on this, and if you hear people on the street asking "Hey, what's with this 'growling door' thing?", let 'em know! (It could happen.)