Thursday, January 3, 2013

And here we are!

Consider this an introductory post. So, I used to blog over at Livejournal, and then LJ kinda got fucked up, and then I switched over to Dreamwidth because it had the same interface (which I liked) and I hoped that more people would make that jump. They didn't. A lot of the crowd that did LJ is now just doing Facebook, which is fine for what it is, but doesn't have the same feel as LJ. Sigh. Progress. Anyway, I'm tired of updating two journals that don't get any real traffic anymore, so I'm going to try and make more use of this blog (I can also get here from my office, meaning I can blog on my lunch break if I want to). So here's the deal - the four most common types of entries I make are:
  • Movie reviews: I'm currently in the middle of watching all of the movies I own. I own something like 570 movies, so "in the middle" isn't quite accurate (I think we're at 172 at the moment). The rules are as follows: We're watching the movies in alphabetical order, when we buy new movies we add them in to the rotation, meaning that if they would have already come up, they get bumped to the top of the queue, and only movies that had a theatrical release qualify. The massive list is here.
  • Character creation: Likewise, I'm making characters for every game I own. I'm not doing them in any particular order, and I'm a compulsive RPG purchaser (Kickstarter is my kryptonite, that and cheesecake), so I don't know that I'll ever finish, but I'm still cranking along. I'm trying for one character a week, which you wouldn't think would be hard, but here we are. That massive list is here.
  • Cooking! I love Chopped, and so my gamers and I do Chopped dinners every week. Sometimes I remember to post the results; I used to be a lot better about it. Maybe I can maintain this blog enough to post tasty dinners I make.
  • Game Write-Ups: I do actual play write-ups of the games I run. This one's a little trickier because I do cross-post them to RPG.Net, and I have such a freaking backlog of game write-ups on LJ that just aren't in one place. But for the moment, here is a log of the games I've run and am still running. What I really need to do is cook all that down to pdf and put it on Google Drive or something.
In addition, I'll probably wind up posting about games I'm developing or writing, life in general. Again, I'll be sad to lose LJ, but what I liked about it was the community and that's largely gone. And this way I can link to FB and get comments that way, god help me. New character creation post coming soon, I think. Though maybe not today, because I'm getting on a plane for DC in a few hours to take an anniversary trip with my lovely wife.