Tuesday, June 8, 2010


He doesn't have any "followers."

If He did, mind, I'm sure they'd be the worst combination of bullies and zealots you could find. I'm sure they would look for people trying to pray in their basements, or teach their kids about what life was like before, or set up some kind of system of ownership.

I'm sure they'd be scrupulously non-violent, but irritating and inflammatory as all Hell, just pushing already stressed-out people to the breaking point. I'm sure they'd be happy to take a punch in the gut or a broken nose in exchange for trigger Their approach to get their "attackers."

I'm sure they'd would never discuss - or even admit - their loyalty or their motives in doing what they do.

But again, He doesn't have followers. That wouldn't make sense - He has Them. Why would He need people to help Him?

And besides, wouldn't that kind of loyalty trigger His hatred of ideology?

I'm sure. I'm sure it would.

Tune in Tomorrow.

curse the darkness